Sustainability Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Jonelle Doctor and Kyle Hresko



Mission: To promote sustainable lifestyles and work environments, and to inspire the Marquette University School of Dentistry community to work toward a more sustainable campus, dental profession, and world.



We work to implement sustainable initiatives at the dental school, engage the local community through service, and connect students with resources around Milwaukee to explore their interests in the outdoors, conservation, and healthy living.



News, Happenings, Events

Crunch, Crisp, Crack...fall hike and bonfire!




It's a beautiful, crisp fall day.  You're venturing out into unknown woods, surrounded by the vibrant colors of autumn.  The leaves form an endless curtain as they dance from the trees and gracefully float to the ground.  Thank goodness for your guiding companions because otherwise the path is invisible.  In this moment, you're removed from modern society.  There's no hurry or stress; there's only the beauty of the earth to discover.


Last Sunday, #marquetteasda members enjoyed their very own "Walk in the Woods" through part of the Ice Age Trail, the Monches segment.  The hike was guided by enthusiastic volunteers of the Ice Age Trail Alliance.  On this 5 mile hike, ASDA members bonded with eachother as well as other members throughout the community.  After the hike, we explored the Monches Farm "Fall Open House", consisting of local art, crafts, food, and music.  The day was a wonderful, relaxing escape - helping us "sustain" through the busy life of dental school!

Macaire Thiel, D3

Kyle Hresko, D2, co-chair of 

Sustainability Committee

Trip To Kohler-Andrae State Park


On August 24, ASDA's Sustainability Committee enjoyed the last day of break at Kohler-Andrae State Park. We hiked through the dunes, observed wildlife, grilled out, and went for a swim! What a great day enjoying our beautiful Earth!

Highway Clean-up!


On Saturday June 21st, the MU-ASDA Sustainability Committee participated in its annual highway clean-up, on a mile stretch of highway 145 between Walnut street and 6th street, near downtown Milwaukee. We want to do what we can to make this earth a better and more sustainable place. All we saw was just the tip of the iceberg...there is so much more waste for us to clean up around Milwaukee! We hope to find more ways to be eco-friendly to Brew City! Ten or so cars waved or honked and gave a thumbs up to us for taking our free time to clean-up a green space. Talk about motivation! One guy even stopped his car, backed up, and got out to say thanks to us! It really made our time spent worthwhile.

Sustainable Living Fair


The Sustainability Fair is an annual open-house style event held in the dental school. It is open to the Marquette community - both dental and undergrad - which provides a culmination of what the Sustainability Committee is all about. Typically held on or near Earth Day, it displays booths either run by students or business representatives. The businesses that attend are those that we feel are working towards a greener city. Examples of these are H2OScore, Brew City Boxes, and Growing Power. Booths run by students were mostly concentrated on healthier living and active lifestyle. These included everything from sailing clubs, to home brewing your own beer, to the November Project and our new MUASDA Health and Fitness Committee. All in all, this event was a fun and relaxing way to get a little education on how to better ourselves, as well as our relationship with the environment. And as an added bonus, we have a raffle afterwards for awesome prizes!


#MarquettASDA Without a Paddle


#MarquetteASDA paddles their way down the urban rivers finding the elusive Sasquatch. Okay, maybe they weren't looking for Sasquatch, but they did have a great Sunday afternoon, utilizing the resources found in Milwaukee, and the nature within our urban city Check out the pictures from the canoe outing. 



Highway Cleanup


Jonelle Doctor, Marquette ASDA Sustainability Chair


Students from Marquette University School of Dentistry spent Saturday morning cleaning MUSoD's Adopt-a-Highway site.  The ASDA Sustainability Committee organizes one clean-up per semester, with this being their 3rd clean-up.  It is rewarding for the students to see the highway look cleaner and greener each time.  All MUSoD students are welcome to join the clean-ups; you never know what interesting things you will find!


MUSoD's Adopt-a-Highway site is highway 145 (otherwise known as Fond Du Lac Ave) between Walnut St and 6th St. Look out for MUSoD's Adopt-a-Highway sign the next time you drive past!

Urban Canoeing


The Marquette ASDA Sustainability Committee and ASDA members visited the local Urban Ecology Center and had a great time canoeing on the lake/pond in Milwaukee, WI. A great Saturday morning was spent hanging with friends and seeing a different side of the hustle and bustle city life. 


Thank you to the Sustainability Chairs for organzing such a great outing!